Bré del Gallo: passion e tradition

Our traditional techniques and know how have been passed on by generations of master artisans producing high-quality cured pork meats.

The Magnani family has always been living in Roccabianca, a small village in the heart of the Po river valley around Parma. Since generations, the Magnanis have been working as farmers, loving their territory and its products. Now, the Magnanis are glad to share their passion and ancient family traditions with people loving the special taste and flavour of this land.

Parma and its territory are the capital of slow food. In this special geographical area, the Magnanis produce P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) culatello, salami, cured pork shoulder and bacon in the same ancient cellars where also local wines like Malvasia and Fortana are produced. The Magnanis are members of the Consorzio del Culatello di Zibello.

Alfredo is the head of the family and he is in charge of the long and slow drying of cured pork meats, a task that requires special know how and skills. His oldest son, Fabrizio, is a veterinary surgeon; he is in charge of selecting swine and pork meats. Selected high-quality meats are cured by his brother Amedeo, a specialised food technologist with years of experience in this sector.

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