Natural Environment: the territory

Brè del Gallo summarizes all the above features implementing the uppermost food safety techniques in order to create high-quality and unique-tasting products delighting your palate and filling your memory for a long time.

This strip of territory laying along the Po River, whose signs can be seen everywhere in the land… This valley and its small villages, where people gather in wide squares under bell towers… This sea of crop fields, where canals and thin water floods are the only boundaries your eyes can see…
This land, where musk grows on trees, where people go by bike and breathe pure air, where people walk and rest under poplars along crop fields…
This valley, where Fog lives and grows, like a ghost shrouding farms and plants… This fog that people breathes and covers noise and colours is like an old friend for the inhabitants of this valley: fog is the secret ingredient of local foodstuff… People that lives here… These rude farmers, who are too concentrated in creating their masterpieces to say useless words… They are the fruits of this land and make it a special and peculiar place.

Come and visit this valley, where you can delight your palate with our unique flavours! You may get lost in fog and find yourself seated near the fireplace, drinking good wine and eating bread and culatello… we know you will come back again!

First of all, Brè del Gallo is a territory, a little piece of ground lost in this valley, in a small village called Fontanelle di Roccabianca. This is the birthplace of writers and artists like Giovannino Guareschi, Pierino Bianchi and Giovanni Faraboli. Bré del Gallo exists because generations of farmers have worked hard to build and develop it. Today, the Magnani family safeguards ancient traditions and flavours and brings them to the future. The story of this farm could be found in the “small world” of Guareschi’s novels; it could be told in passionate or nostalgic ways, like in Ermanno Olmi’s movies. The story of this farm is like the stories of all the farms in this area, whose strength is hidden in fog. You can smell it in pungent must and you can search it in the wise words of local people.

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