Sparkling Rosé Brut

Wine with a pronounced freshness and acidity, bright pink color, with floral aroma (rose petals ) and delicate notes of fruit ( red fruits and strawberries ) and light dried fruit ( almonds ). On the palate, it is fresh and lively, intense, flavorful, and harmonious.

Spumant with fine and persistent perlage.


Manual harvesting of grapes in small containers, with the utmost care to safeguard their integrity and the optimal degree of ripeness.

Vinification in white with gentle pressing of whole grapes and first fermentation in steel at 15°C with refining on noble feces for 7 months. Tirage in March, bottling and refilling on yeasts for a minimum of 12 months.

Suggested combination

It is recommended to serve it fresh, ideal in combination with the typical salami of the area (Culatello di Zibello and Spalla Cruda) or whole meal with fish dishes.

It is also great as an appetizer or wine for meditation.

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Geographical notes

A typical vineyard of our area, the low Parmense, is in a very limited area with tendentially clay soil and with a humid climate in winter and hot and dry in summer.

Once, our grandparents used the first delicate pressing of red grapes for the vinification of rosé wine commonly called “Tamburen”. It was considered the sparkling wine of Sundays and occasions!

Today we, always from the first delicate pressing, have created a noble and refined sparkling, of light pink color, fresh and natural with a fine and persistent perlage... the wine for all occasions and Sunday!

Varietà delle uve ( bacca rossa ) 85 % Fortana in purezza e 15 % lambrusco maestri
Certificazione Vino Spumante di Qualità
Zona di produzione Pianura di Parma
Caratteristiche del terreno Medio impasto
Sistema di allevamento Cordone permanente
Gradazione alcolica 12 % vol
Zuccheri residui Brut
Pressione 6 bar
Temperatura di servizio 6/8 °C
Produzione totale Limitata
Formato disponibile Bottiglia bianca 750 ml e tappo di sughero
Cartone intero 12 bottiglie
Cartone intero 6 bottiglie
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